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Set up process #

brew install cloudquery/tap/cloudquery

1. Download CLI and login

See installation options

2. Create source and destination configs

Plugin configuration

cloudquery sync tempo-io.yml postgresql.yml

3. Run the sync

CloudQuery sync

Overview # Source Plugin

The source plugin helps you sync configuration information from your account.

Example Config #

This example sets the connection string to a value read from the SNOWFLAKE_CONNECTION_STRING environment variable:
kind: source
  name: tempo-io
  path: cloudquery/tempo-io
  registry: cloudquery
  version: "v1.3.1"
    api_key: "${TEMPO_IO_API_KEY}"
    # Optional parameters
    # base_path:
    # concurrency: 1000

Authentication #

In order to fetch information from, cloudquery needs to be authenticated. API key is required for authentication. See Authentication section of API documentation for more information. Spec #

This is the top level spec used by the source plugin.
  • api_key (string) (required) API key.
    Make sure to use environment variable expansion and not hard code the keys in the config.
  • base_path (string) (optional) (default:
    Base path for API Access for accessing API.
    According to the API documentation the following base paths should be used:
    • for clients based in Europe.
    • for clients based in the Americas.
    • for clients based in other locations or their location is unknown or for a universal path.
  • concurrency (integer) (optional) (default: 1000)
    Amount of concurrent request that may be issued to API.

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