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Sync from Plaid to any destination



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Set up process #

brew install cloudquery/tap/cloudquery

1. Download CLI and login

See installation options

2. Create source and destination configs

Plugin configuration

cloudquery sync plaid.yml postgresql.yml

3. Run the sync

CloudQuery sync

Overview #

CloudQuery Plaid Source Plugin

A Plaid source plugin for CloudQuery that loads data from the Plaid API to any database, data warehouse or data lake supported by CloudQuery, such as PostgreSQL, BigQuery, Athena, and many more.

Supported Resources #

For a full list of supported resources, see the tables documentation.

Configuration #

The following source configuration file will sync supported data points to a PostgreSQL database. See the CloudQuery Quickstart for more information on how to configure the source and destination.
kind: source
  name: "plaid"
  path: "cloudquery/plaid"
  version: "v1.1.1"
  destinations: [postgresql]
    # plugin spec section
    client_id: ${PLAID_CLIENT_ID}
    client_secret: ${PLAID_CLIENT_SECRET}
    access_token: ${PLAID_ACCESS_TOKEN}
    # optional
    environment: sandbox
  • client_id (string, required):
    A Plaid client ID from your dashboard. See the Plaid docs for more information
  • client_secret (string, required):
    A Plaid client secret from your dashboard. See the Plaid docs for more information
  • access_token (string, required):
    A Plaid access token obtained by following the link authorization flow. We provide an example application to generate a token for testing purposes only. For production usage you should set up a hosted frontend application and backend server that saves access tokens from link authentication flows initiated by your users. See the Plaid docs for more information
  • environment (string, optional):
    The Plaid environment to use. Defaults to sandbox. See the Plaid docs for more information. Should match the Plaid secret you are using

Authentication #

As working with financial data, Plaid relies heavily on authentication and authorization, therefore obtaining authentication credentials for the plugin is a two-step process.
This Getting Started tutorial explains quite shortly how to get started with Plaid API:
Obtaining the Plaid credentials
In order to use the Plaid plugin, you'll need to obtain a client_id and a secret from the Plaid dashboard, Integrations section.
The next thing one has to do is to get a LINK Token. This will give back an access token with permissions to certain financial institutions and accounts.
In order to do this, you'll have to:
  1. Clone the following repo:
  2. Copy and update the .env file with your Plaid credentials & environment
  3. Run the app using either Docker or other methods described in the repo
    1. If you're using Docker, you can run the following command: make up language=go
  4. Open the app in your browser and follow the steps to get the LINK Token
  5. Copy the access token from the browser and use it in the CloudQuery plugin configuration

Example Queries #

List recent transactions #

select name, category, amount, iso_currency_code, date, merchant_name, payment_channel from plaid_transactions
order by
  date desc
Example result:
name                  |                   category                   | amount | iso_currency_code |    date    |   merchant_name   | payment_channel 
 Uber 063015 SF**POOL**                | {Travel,Taxi}                                |    5.4 | "USD"             | 2023-01-30 | "Uber"            | online
 CREDIT CARD 3333 PAYMENT *//          | {Payment,"Credit Card"}                      |     25 | "USD"             | 2023-01-30 | null              | other
 ACH Electronic CreditGUSTO PAY 123456 | {Transfer,Debit}                             |   5850 | "USD"             | 2023-01-29 | null              | online
 CD DEPOSIT .INITIAL.                  | {Transfer,Deposit}                           |   1000 | "USD"             | 2023-01-29 | null              | other
 United Airlines                       | {Travel,"Airlines and Aviation Services"}    |   -500 | "USD"             | 2023-01-28 | "United Airlines" | in store
 Touchstone Climbing                   | {Recreation,"Gyms and Fitness Centers"}      |   78.5 | "USD"             | 2023-01-28 | null              | in store
 Starbucks                             | {"Food and Drink",Restaurants,"Coffee Shop"} |   4.33 | "USD"             | 2023-01-27 | "Starbucks"       | in store
 McDonald's                            | {"Food and Drink",Restaurants,"Fast Food"}   |     12 | "USD"             | 2023-01-27 | "McDonald's"      | in store
 SparkFun                              | {"Food and Drink",Restaurants}               |   89.4 | "USD"             | 2023-01-26 | null              | in store
 INTRST PYMNT                          | {Transfer,Credit}                            |  -4.22 | "USD"             | 2023-01-25 | null              | other
(10 rows)

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