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The CloudQuery Vercel plugin pulls configuration out of Vercel resources and loads it into any supported CloudQuery destination


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Price per 1M rows

Starting from $15

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Set up process

brew install cloudquery/tap/cloudquery

1. Download CLI and login

See installation options

2. Create source and destination configs

Plugin configuration

cloudquery sync vercel.yml postgresql.yml

3. Run the sync

CloudQuery sync


The CloudQuery Vercel plugin syncs the Vercel configurations and resources and loads it into any supported CloudQuery destination (e.g. PostgreSQL, BigQuery, Snowflake, and more).


In order to fetch information from Tailscale, cloudquery needs to be authenticated. The suggested way is to use an OAuth client. The previous way of using an API key is also supported.


kind: source
# Common source-plugin configuration
  name: vercel
  path: cloudquery/vercel
  registry: cloudquery
  version: "v3.3.1"
  tables: ["*"]
  destinations: ["postgresql"]
  # Plugin specific configuration
    # required
    access_token: "${YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE}"

Vercel Spec

This is the (nested) spec used by the Vercel source plugin:
  • access_token (string) (required)
    An access token for your Vercel account. Get yours from Vercel's Account Tokens Page.
  • team_ids ([]string) (optional)
    A list of team IDs to sync. If not specified, all teams will be synced. To find the ID of a specific team, refer to Vercel Docs.
  • endpoint_url (string) (optional) (default:
    API endpoint URL to use. For Vercel's production API, this should be
  • timeout_secs (integer) (optional) (default: 5)
    Timeout (in seconds) for requests against the Vercel REST API.
  • max_retries (integer) (optional) (default: 10)
    Maximum number of retries for requests against the Vercel REST API.
  • max_wait_secs (integer) (optional) (default: 300)
    Maximum wait time (in seconds) between rate limited API requests. The plugin waits until the rate limit resets. If there's a need to wait longer than this time, the request will fail.
  • page_size (integer) (optional) (default: 100)
    Number of items to request in each API call. This is a tradeoff between the number of API calls and the number of items per API call, which might take too long. The maximum allowed value is 100.
  • concurrency (integer) (optional) (default: 10000)
    Number of concurrent requests to Vercel REST API.

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