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AWS Compliance (Free)

dbt AWS compliance pack (free version)



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Feb 8, 2024


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What's in the pack

The pack contains the free version.
Running Your dbt Project
Navigate to your dbt project directory, where your dbt_project.yml resides. Make sure to have an existing profile in your profiles.yml that contains your snowflake connection and authentication information.
If everything compiles without errors, you can then execute:
dbt run
This command will run all your dbt models and create tables/views in your destination database as defined in your models.
Note: If running locally ensure you are using dbt-core and not dbt-cloud-cli as dbt-core does not require extra authentication
To run specific models and the models in the dependency graph, the following dbt run commands can be used:
To select a specific model and the dependencies in the dependency graph:
dbt run --select +<model_name>
For a specific model and the dependencies in the dependency graph:
dbt run --models +<model_name>
  • aws_compliance__cis_v1_2_0_free: AWS CIS V1.2.0 benchmark, available for PostgreSQL, Snowflake, and BigQuery
    • Required tables:
      • aws_iam_credential_reports
      • aws_iam_password_policies
      • aws_iam_user_access_keys
      • aws_iam_users
  • aws_compliance__pci_dss_v3_2_1_free: AWS PCI DSS V3.2.1 benchmark, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, and BigQuery
    • Required tables:
      • aws_autoscaling_groups
      • aws_cloudtrail_trail_event_selectors
      • aws_cloudtrail_trails
      • aws_codebuild_projects
      • aws_config_configuration_recorders
  • aws_compliance__foundational_security_free: AWS Foundational Security benchmark, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, and BigQuery
    • Required tables:
      • aws_apigateway_rest_api_stages
      • aws_apigateway_rest_apis
      • aws_apigatewayv2_api_routes
      • aws_apigatewayv2_api_stages
      • aws_apigatewayv2_apis
      • aws_cloudfront_distributions
      • aws_efs_access_points
      • aws_elasticbeanstalk_environments
      • aws_elbv1_load_balancers
      • aws_elbv2_load_balancer_attributes
      • aws_elbv2_load_balancers
      • aws_iam_accounts
      • aws_rds_clusters
      • aws_s3_accounts
The free version contains 10% of the full pack's checks.
Included Checks


  • 1.1: avoid_root_usage
  • 1.2: mfa_enabled_for_console_access
  • 1.3: unused_creds_disabled
  • 1.4: old_access_keys
  • 1.5: password_policy_min_uppercase
  • 1.6: password_policy_min_lowercase


  • 1.2: security_account_information_provided
  • 1.4: iam_root_user_no_access_keys
  • 1.5: mfa_enabled_for_root
  • 1.6: hardware_mfa_enabled_for_root
  • 1.7: iam_root_last_used
  • 1.8: password_policy_min_length
  • 1.9: password_policy_prevent_reuse


  • apigateway.1: api_gw_execution_logging_enabled
  • apigateway.4: api_gw_associated_wth_waf
  • apigateway.5: api_gw_cache_data_encrypted
  • apigateway.8: api_gw_routes_should_specify_authorization_type
  • apigateway.9: api_gw_access_logging_should_be_configured
  • efs.3: access_point_path_should_not_be_root
  • efs.4: access_point_enforce_user_identity
  • elastic_beanstalk.1: advanced_health_reporting_enabled
  • elb.4: alb_drop_http_headers
  • elb.5: alb_logging_enabled
  • elb.6: alb_deletion_protection_enabled
  • rds.14: amazon_aurora_clusters_should_have_backtracking_enabled
  • s3.1: account_level_public_access_blocks


  • autoscaling.1: autoscaling_groups_elb_check
  • cloudtrail.1: logs_encrypted
  • cloudtrail.2: cloudtrail_enabled_all_regions
  • cloudtrail.3: log_file_validation_enabled
  • cloudtrail.4: integrated_with_cloudwatch_logs
  • codebuild.1: check_oauth_usage_for_sources
  • codebuild.2: check_environment_variables
  • config.1: config_enabled_all_regions
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